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May 2016: A Historic SNP Victory

In the run up to the Scottish Parliament Elections poll after poll projected the SNP achieving enough seats to form a majority Government. However, on the 6th of May this wasn’t the reality.

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The Crumbling Conservatives

Over the past few weeks it has become increasingly clear that the Conservatives aren’t the cornerstone of unity that they claim to be, but are instead becoming increasingly divided. Continue reading “The Crumbling Conservatives”

Osborne’s Budget: Austerity to the Max

Osborne delivered his Budget to the House of Commons this afternoon – and putting it simply it means more austerity and more cuts. It is a budget tactically designed to support and favour the wealthy, whilst leaving those who aren’t of the elitist class to face the detrimental consequences. Continue reading “Osborne’s Budget: Austerity to the Max”

SNP Spring Conference: The Call of Hope

The SNP have done it again – offered hope. That simple word provides so much meaning to a nation that has been subjected to the negative and hectoring tone of the Westminster system. Continue reading “SNP Spring Conference: The Call of Hope”

Cameron Disrespects Scotland

Cameron has confirmed that the EU Referendum will be held on Thursday 23rd June. He describes it as one of the biggest decisions “in our lifetime.” If this is the case – why is Scotland’s political system being disrespected? Continue reading “Cameron Disrespects Scotland”

The Scottish Parliament Setting Precedent

Nicola Sturgeon, Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson don’t agree on a lot of issues. But, I’m confident that they all recognise the change in dynamics for women in Scottish politics. Continue reading “The Scottish Parliament Setting Precedent”

2016: The Year the UK Locks out the Future

As a seventeen year old, I am eligible to vote in May’s Scottish Parliament elections, however I am not qualified to vote in the EU Referendum. Considering last year’s Independence Referendum which had high engagement and electoral turnout from young people, this is simply not fair. Continue reading “2016: The Year the UK Locks out the Future”

What Will It Take for People to Learn the Lessons of the Past?

The refugees are in crisis, and need help. Our fellow human beings are fleeing their homes in the hope of escaping a  humanitarian crisis. Inside Syria, families are struggling to survive due to the effects of the civil war, others are compromising their lives by travelling to Europe in hope of building a better future.
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A Coming of Age: Growing Up in a Restless Scotland

18th September, 2014.

The Scottish Independence Referendum.

Well, that is what first springs to mind when people hear that date. However, to me it was, and is, so much more. Continue reading “A Coming of Age: Growing Up in a Restless Scotland”

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