Osborne delivered his Budget to the House of Commons this afternoon – and putting it simply it means more austerity and more cuts. It is a budget tactically designed to support and favour the wealthy, whilst leaving those who aren’t of the elitist class to face the detrimental consequences. However, it’s not really surprising. It just reaffirms that the Conservatives aren’t the party of the people. They are a party with unfairness at their core, they simply want to protect their own through maintaining their hierarchal position favoured by the capitalist system.

This Budget will impact on the majority of people in the UK. The rich will continue to get richer with the cutting of corporation tax for big business as well as the tax cut for high earners. Those with more money paying less, whilst those on the lowest incomes continue to receive limited support.

The “long term economic plan” is in tatters, but ensures one thing – it is locking the UK into a future of austerity. The Conservative Government is ripping to shreds the Welfare State which the Labour Government of 1945-51 so proudly established. If the Conservatives are reelected in 2020 – the NHS might not even exist.

This is the Budget of 2016, it will only get worse. Each year, the young, the old and the disabled will all be pushed further and further away from living a secure life, whilst those at the top prosper. Osborne’s Budget isn’t designed to boost Britain, it is designed to boost the wealthy – it is a Budget for tax dodgers – not tax payers.

As Osborne delivered this Budget, Cameron looked across smugly at the opposition benches, thinking that his party has achieved something. It is an achievement for the Conservatives, no doubt, but in reality this bombshell Budget is nothing but austerity, which will ricochet across the country.