Cameron has confirmed that the EU Referendum will be held on Thursday 23rd June. He describes it as one of the biggest decisions “in our lifetime.” If this is the case – why is Scotland’s political system being disrespected?

The Scottish Parliament Elections will be held 49 days before the EU Referendum. This ultimately means that the campaigns will overlap, and the results in both elections may, as a consequence, be detrimental.

I am very disappointed to see that some political leaders in Scotland are simply accepting David Cameron’s decision. This isn’t a party political matter, it is so much more. Once again, Scotland has been completely disregarded by Cameron, party leaders should acknowledge that this is not only unfair, but also undemocratic. The voice of Scottish people has been ignored too many times, it cannot continue. June’s Referendum is now  more than a vote about the UK’s future in the EU,  it also brings into question whether Scotland is represented under Westminster rule.

Cameron’s decision has proved that the vow is nothing more than a mere pleasantry that was introduced to settle and silence the momentum of the ‘Yes’ movement. It has heightened the sectional differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK, and the notion of a second Independence Referendum is now more conceivable than ever before.

There are many issues that exist within the fabric of the EU Referendum, but this takes it to a whole other level. If in June, Scotland votes to remain in the EU and the rest of the UK votes to leave, it will be yet another example of the voice of Scots being silenced.

There is no doubt about it – Cameron’s decision to hold the EU Referendum in June has brought forward the voice of the ‘Yes’ movement. “The people of Scotland have spoken. Our voice will be heard. No longer will Scotland be sidelined or ignored.”