The SNP have done it again – offered hope. That simple word provides so much meaning to a nation that has been subjected to the negative and hectoring tone of the Westminster system.

The vision of a prosperous country drives the SNP. The party that believes in equality, where everyone gets the chance to fulfil their potential through harnessing aspiration and ambition, championing healthcare, striving towards a sustainable economy, and becoming an independent nation committed to providing social justice for it’s people.

Passion, innovation, positivity and hope – all encompassed in the Scottish National Party and all envisaged through the thriving supporters. These values are the recipe to a political movement, sharing a dream for the future that is achievable if nurtured – this narrative inspires political action.

And that is exactly what Nicola Sturgeon set out in her speech to Conference.

“We will not achieve our dream of independence just by wishing . . . It will mean convincing the people of this country that independence is right, not for yesterdays world, but for the complex, challenging and increasingly interdependent world that we live in today.”

These words of hope manifest possibility for the future, possibility of a better life for the world that our children will inherit and live in tomorrow – the possibility of change.

Hope for something different, a wider movement that provides an alternative to the traditional ways of ‘doing politics.’ This inspires me, a politics of creation not destruction, a politics that offers hope rather than despair, division and rage.

Party policies are a key element to consolidating support, but for me, it is the hope.