Daisy Collins


March 2016

The Crumbling Conservatives

Over the past few weeks it has become increasingly clear that the Conservatives aren’t the cornerstone of unity that they claim to be, but are instead becoming increasingly divided. Continue reading “The Crumbling Conservatives”


Osborne’s Budget: Austerity to the Max

Osborne delivered his Budget to the House of Commons this afternoon – and putting it simply it means more austerity and more cuts. It is a budget tactically designed to support and favour the wealthy, whilst leaving those who aren’t of the elitist class to face the detrimental consequences. Continue reading “Osborne’s Budget: Austerity to the Max”

SNP Spring Conference: The Call of Hope

The SNP have done it again – offered hope. That simple word provides so much meaning to a nation that has been subjected to the negative and hectoring tone of the Westminster system. Continue reading “SNP Spring Conference: The Call of Hope”

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